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While it takes strong managerial skills to run any new construction project, from ordering supplies to coordinating time frames with subcontractors, it really takes years of experience to be able to take on multi-million dollar retail renovation projects. At Larrison Construction Inc., we look forward to these projects and take pride when they meet and exceed expectations.

As in every renovation project, the challenges normally go beyond bringing the architects’ vision to reality. Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth, Texas is a good example. Its unique challenge was to keep the mall operational during construction. Of course, the retail tenants wanted to stay open for business through the duration of the construction, while the owner wanted an entirely new contemporary look with major interior foundation work for a future third level theater complex. We realized that the project would be continuously evolving and that we had to establish a partnership between us, the owner, the architect and each tenant with everyone working together to find on-the-job creative solutions. Because we were able to form a complete partnership, this project went very smoothly, meeting expectations while keeping costs under control.

Ridgmar Mall

Ft. Worth, Texas

1.2 million square feet

$70 million (total)

Construction Time:
20 months





Historical Renovation